Here we wish to acknowledge and thank the people who have so kindly helped the investigators in the field from time to time. Here they are, in no particular order.


Professor Timothy Darvill, our main archaeological advisor.

RCA graduates (l to r): Ana Viegas, Rebecca Davies, Leah Fusco.

Percussionist Z’EV.

Charla Devereux.

Sol Devereux.

Professor Charles Laughlin.

We must also mention that one of our other archaeological advisers, Dr. George Nash, while not being in the field with us, gave us important information ahead of our investigation of Strumble Head.


Neil Mortimer.

Pete Glastonbury.

Steve Marshall.

Dr. Lionel Sims.


We must mention Professor Sandra Kemp who when she was the head of the RCA’s Research Department championed this project from the start, and we also thank all other members of RCA Research Dept. for their unstinting help and support: Jeremy Aynsley, Jamie Gilham, Andrew Loveland and Jessica Rana. Thanks also to Dan Fern in his role as Head of the School of Communications prior to his retirement in 2010-11.