Avebury - Greater Avebury Complex

The previous sites represent only some of the key ones within the core Avebury Complex, and in the countryside surrounding the core there is a greater complex containing many further important monuments, earthen and megalithic, but these are beyond our brief here to describe. Suffice it to mention just three especially interesting ones. (i) Marlborough Mount – a large mound similar in shape to Silbury but smaller, in the grounds of Marlborough College in Marlborough to the east of Avebury; long an enigma, in 2011 this was confirmed as being Neolithic;(ii) Waylands Smithy – a chambered long barrow alongside the prehistoric track known as the Ridgeway, which bypasses Avebury to the east, and (iii)the Devil’s Den – a dolmen also east of Avebury near the Grey Wethers, the great scatter of rocks on the Marlborough Downs where it is thought the stones for the Avebury megaliths were sourced by the Neolithic builders.

An Introduction to Avebury

The Henge
The Core Avebury Complex
Greater Avebury Complex
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The Devil’s Den dolmen east of the core Avebury Complex