Selected Visual Observations

Landscape & Perception is an audio-visual study of prehistoric landscapes and sites, so as well as investigating the monuments and surrounding topography in the Avebury complex for clues regarding new archaeological and archaeoastronomical information, and keeping their archaeoacoustic ears open, the investigators have also been keeping their artistic vision alert, noting and recording what images the current Avebury landscape has to offer that are aesthetic, striking, amusing, strong, curious and so forth. Here we show a selection of some of these observations.

Ancient trees on henge bank at Avebury.

The roots of time

Door at Avebury church.

Churchyard path viewed from Avebury church tower.

Notice on the bell tower door, Avebury church.

Atop Avebury church tower.

Longstones. ‘Adam’.

Longstones. ‘Eve’ (left) and ‘Adam’.

West Kennet Avenue. Lozenge-shaped ‘female’ stone.

West Kennet Avenue. Pillar, ‘male’, stone.

West Kennet Avenue. Midwinter.

Southwest quadrant of the great, outer, circle within Avebury henge.

Avebury henge. A section of the southwestern segment of the outer circle. Midwinter.

Avebury henge. Gnarled stone in outer circle.

Avebury henge. Stone in outer circle.

Henge. Stone in outer circle.

Henge. Stone detail.

The two surviving stones of the Cove, in northeast part of henge.

One Cove stone and summer evening shadow of the other.

Henge. A heavily weathered megalithic survivor.

Inside the largely silted-up henge ditch.

Henge. Stone and late afternoon sun.

Winter trees, Avebury.

Path to West Kennet Long Barrow.

West Kennet Long Barrow on its ridgetop location.

West Kennet Long Barrow. Entrance façade.

Path to Devil’s Den.

Devil’s Den, situated between the core Avebury complex and the Grey Wethers, the source area of the Avebury stones on the Marlborough Downs.

Devil’s Den, the nearest dolmen to Avebury.

One of the investigators examining Devil’s Den.

The very ancient and sacred Kennet stream in spate.

The Kennet at Swallowhead spring in dry season.

Path to Swallowhead spring.